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Oops… I did it again

My affections for JB Hi–Fi have been well documented in the past, so you might already be able to guess what happened when Lee called in yesterday saying “hey, you wanna go to JB?”

Lee, of course, has a pretty good reason for going: his car was broken into and his precious CDs stolen. He needs to recover some CDs, obviously, but that in itself is a lousy reason to invite me along for the ride. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything. I lied.

I walked out with:

Lee walked out with:

Good to see we both stuck to our guns.

I did, however, manage to stick to my resolution not to buy any DVD that wasn’t on sale, which is good, but I paid full price on the Donnie Darko soundtrack. Still no Donnie Darko DVD, though. Who Framed Roger Rabbit and the Green Mile continue to taunt me from their full–price shelf, urging me to buy them; but I will resist, and wait until they are on sale.