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Fuck that

Korn has a new video, and while I haven’t listened to Korn since back in the ‘Follow the Leader’ days (trendy, I know, but the video from ‘Freak on a Leash’ remains one of the greatest music videos of all time, to my mind), this video is fucking great.

Sorry. Fuckin’ great. I know the letter G isn’t all that popular these days. Except when it’s made of gold and hung around for neck for the purposes of bling. Or blin’.

Back to the subject, the song is of questionable quality (that much must be made clear) and hell, let’s just say the song sucks and get it out of the way… but the video is brilliant. The continuing backlash against the RIAA and the rest of the industry, now coming from the side that matters (sorry, but as a consumer you don’t matter. You’re old enough to know that now), fills me with hope for the future. For the benefit of people without DSL, or those who just don’t want to hear the words “y’all want a single say fuck that. Fuck that, fuck that” over and over and over again, I shall transcribe:

One corporation owns the 5 major video channels in the US.

Is that OK?

Last year the big 5 record labels together sold about $25 billion dollars of music.

90% of releases on major labels do not make a profit.

Britney Spears’ last video cost $1,000,000.

This Korn video cost $150,000.

You have seen $48,000 worth of video.

Will any music channel play this video?

The music “industry” releases 100 singles per week.

Only 4 songs are added to the average radio “playlist” each week.

Hit songs on Top 40 are often repeated over 100 times a week.

Is that all you want to hear?

Why is a song worth .99¢

Do you download songs?

Steal this video.

This is a single.

Two radio conglomerates control 42% of listeners.

The record company wanted to change this video. We didn’t.

90% of all singles get to “the hook” within 20 seconds.

98% of all #1 singles are less than 3 30 seconds long.

Does this seem like a formula to you?

With all this said…

We love making music.

Is this the music “business”?

Is that OK?

Thank you for your 3 minutes of time

Love, Korn.

[This surprisingly eloquent rant brought to you by Cory, who found it on MeFi. Great how everybody’s tightened up on their attribution lately, isn’t it?]

[Not that Cory or anybody else over at BoingBoing has ever been lax with their attribution… but you know what I mean]