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A call for help

Me and CatherineBreathing mistScotty and MikeTittyI know I don’t ask you guys for much around here, which is why I feel our relationship works — I don’t throw advertisements or charity drives around the place and you don’t have to put up with shit or buy any mouse pads — but as a sidenote to my earlier post I’d like to send out a beg signal:

If you live in or around any of the cities listed below and have the room, the inclination, and the desire to accommodate four (totally awesome) young Australian guys for a day or two, email me right now. You would earn my utmost respect, my undying gratitude, and uh… a back rub. If you wish to inspect the merchandise beforehand, there are plenty of photos in the photolog for your perusal… and attached are four depicting myself and my travelmates Dave, Mike, and Titty (also know perhaps more mundanely as ‘Matt’) in various states of intoxication.

Major stops are planned at Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Whistler, Las Vegas, Miami, Washington DC, New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Bern, Milan, Venice, Florence, and Rome.

The dates and venues are, of course, subject to change (which is why I haven’t posted dates yet)… and there are some stops between each of the major cities above that just haven’t been contemplated at this time. But as a bonus to those living in Los Angeles, if you can’t accommodate four but would like to see two, Mike and I are in town a whole four days before the others arrive (December 2nd to 6th)… so there’s a four day window of gratitude available with only half the manweight.

You got a floor? We gots the men. We’ll warm your apartment and your heart, and we’ll even cook you some ramen. Email now.