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Thank you, people of Earth!

The response to my accommodation–related cry for help has been overwhelming, and I am very, very grateful to all of you (you can tell how grateful by the seemingly–redundant use of emphasis and strong emphasis on the same word) for writing in with offers to take four perfect strangers into your home and shelter them from the ungodly cold of your Northern winter. I’m also very sorry that I haven’t even replied to some of you yet, since my inbox has been the least of my concerns lately, and promise to try harder.

Alas, I can’t stay with all of you, since many of the offers were worded “I know my city wasn’t on your list, but…”, but you still have the pleasure of being regaled with my stories from abroad and the stories a couple of my travel buddies (both of whom tote iPods, so you know they can be trusted) have to offer in their new LiveJournals. Dave and Titty will be LiveJournaling their experiences while Mike (who shuns the iPod and sports a MuVo instead) contemplates his navel. Why LiveJournal of all places, exactly, I’m not so sure. I believe Sharples was heard to proclaim exactly how emo LiveJournals are, which Dave took as a challenge to remake himself emo in the face of insurmountable obstacles, thus sealing his fate as a not–a–real–blogger type guy. Shameful.

But again, thank you all for your generosity. If you’re ever in my neck of the woods, you know who to call, and remember; even if you weren’t prepared to offer (or even capable of offering) us a roof and a floor, it’d still be super neat (read: awesome) to catch up with some of you for a soda and a game of totem tennis (read: beer and poker).

Also, I must thank Patrick Scott (another person to whom I am yet to reply) for writing in about my troublesome ironing. The solution? Use a hot iron instead, but insulate your clothing with a tea towel or similar piece of thick fabric. I assume steam is still verboten though, and I won’t be doing too much ironing in the coming months anyway, but the advice is sound. God bless the world wide web.