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White and spacious

The CSS white-space property needs a new value to complement normal, pre, and nowrap… it needs a none. In short, we need to be able to ignore white space as well as preserve it. HTML has always, by default, ignored any more than one space between elements… but from time to time that one is just one too many. I’ve run into the problem maybe half a dozen times in the past, and have resorted to editing the source to suit my needs, but the time will come for some projects (or, more accurately, has come) when editing the source just isn’t a possibility… and that single space is flipping the bird right at you.

CSS is supposed to put us in the driver’s seat with regard to presentation without having to edit the source. I can hear the smirks already, and that’s because it’s a long way off in a lot of places (this is one of them), but I’m drawing attention to this single one of the thousands of bitches and moans against CSS because it’s a little one. And the little ones need voices too.

My name is Chris Clark. And I like CSS. Usually.