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Dear Internets

You’ll have to excuse my recent quietude, it’s nothing personal. You see, I’ve met a young lady; a physiotherapy student a couple years younger than me. You know what it’s like when things are new and exciting and you need to spend a lot of time making eyes at one another… it’s very time consuming, I’m sure you understand. She continues to amaze me though, shy as she is, she has a sense of humor on her and very decent taste in, well… all the things I never thought were important to have in common with someone until it actually happened. Music, for instance; she likes Muse and Powderfinger and Sarah McLachlan, and has actually heard of K’s Choice. She watches Scrubs and Last Man Standing, and picks up obscure references to five-year-old Jimeoin jokes I make in shoe stores. Baffling. Oh, and she’s a nerd, so that’s where half the attraction is. Not a computer nerd though, don’t get too excited. As much as I love you, interweb, curling up with you on a couch and watching Desperate Housewives isn’t quite as nice. My PowerBook gets warm after a while, sure, but it isn’t particularly soft and doesn’t smell as nice.

So… what’s been up? I see the iPod photo ist kaput, that’s cool. It makes me feel a lot better for having bought a Shuffle instead of splurging on the brick just to get a color display. Those 60GBs were fucking huge. I’m still loving the reclaimed pocket space, but I’m guessing my next one will be a 20GB. I do miss the display, and the ability to listen to an album of my fancy without the premeditated loading of one’s iPod even more. Meanwhile my camera has bit the dust, goddamnit; I guess this is what happens when you sleep on it when you’re camping and it’s 3ºC out. I doubt they like moisture all that much. At least I got a few thousands shots out of ’er.

On the upside, phone manufacturers have started to realize that it’s pointless sticking anything upwards of 1.3MP into a phone without a flash. I live for flash —most of my photos are taken at night— so flashless cameras are utterly useless to me. I’m hopeful the Nokia N70 will be a decent contender when it arrives, unless Sony Ericsson dish up something worthwhile in the mean time. I guess whoever is iSync-friendliest will get the crown.

Project Aardvark was finally unveiled! Nice. I dig the name, Copilot, very sexy. The concept is great, I’m mentally replaying the hours I’ve spent on the phone with my grandfather trying to walk him through the hell that is his XP box… and an It Just Works™ VNC solution sounds like a godsend. I’m sure the alpha geeks will turn up their noses and wonder why one doesn’t just set up their own VNC software and do it all for free, but it turns out they’re the same people that take pleasure in a weekend spent compiling Mandrake Linux. One would hope there are plans to port such a product to other platforms (smiling sweetly); after all, all the great stuff is on OS X these days, is it not?

I’m a little puzzled by the payment model. Day passes? Should I be scheduling all my technophobic relatives together for assistance so I can fix all their problems on the one day? Unlimited clients/limited time… it seems a little fruity outside a professional setting. I’d be interested to see the reverse, even if it meant you were buying a valupak of, say, a dozen one-client/one-hour sessions for the price of one of those infinite-client/twenty-four-hour day passes; a tic-tac solution, as it were. Whenever Uncle Bobby needs help you just redeem one of your stack of Copilot credits and fix his annoying little problem. A much more organic experience for the family support-geek.

Of course, internet-based support isn’t the be-all and end-all. Half the calls I get are “my internet doesn’t work”, in which case VNC is absolutely no help, but it has its place. I’m keen to see it in action.