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Talk about your twisted panties

So the Mac mini caught an upgrade this week: an 80-100MHz processor bump, double the video memory, faster DVD burner (in SuperDrive-equipped models) and Bluetooth 2.0. Not a massive overhaul, just a nice update.

Even so, there has been great wads of bitching and moaning that Apple is ‘deceptively’ clearing stock of the older model hardware at the same time as deploying the new: that there is no guarantee of receiving, say, a 1.5GHz mini if you order today.

But considering you can’t order a 1.5GHz mini today, I doubt you should be expecting one.

The new hardware hasn’t even been announced; it ain’t on the hot news, there’s no press release, there’s no nothing. This is a silent upgrade, and not a very big one at that. The product page and the store still list old tech specs, and the price hasn’t changed. But apparently, if you’re a big enough douche, it’s still possible to complain about it:

This sort of thing makes me really angry, as does the mainly muted response on this site. I’m sure that if this was anything other than a Mac there would be outrage that they’re basically trying to flog off old crappy stock to unwitting customers. Outrageous

Right… being advertised a 1.42GHz computer, ordering a 1.42GHz computer, paying for a 1.42GHz computer, and then maybe receiving a 1.5GHz computer is cause for outrage. And I thought the comment thread on Wil’s virus bounty was full of wankers.