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Warning: bullshit ahead I’m sure one of the perks of running a rumor site is that you can fabricate any kind of crap you please, say it came from “a reliable source close to the company”, and hit Publish. Slow news day? Time to hit the bottle and get inventive. Better yet, with rumor sites constantly poaching each other’s hot scoops, your ‘report’ is usually picked up by four other sources; it becomes fact overnight.

So what if the bulk of your prediction doesn’t come true, who gives a rat’s ass? Just report that the project was canned internally, if you report your mistake at all. If something close but not quite what you reported emerges, milk it! You scooped that story months ago.

That said, I think in future instead of publishing my wild hardware and software fantasies as precisely that, I might start ‘reporting’ these ‘rumors’ from ‘my inside source’.

So anyway, a source close to Britney Spears told me today that the singer’s marriage to Kevin Federline —as well as the ensuing pregnancy— was a publicity stunt. And that she is, in fact, totally hot for me and will be coming to my place tonight for throwdown. Well that’s what I heard.