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Microsoft distributing Flip4Mac… free!

QuickTime can now handle Windows Media files (almost) natively Finally, Microsoft has shitcanned the truly mediocre Windows Media Player application for Mac and gone with the QuickTime Component option that clever bunnies like DivX have been using all these years. The announcement was made earlier today, so you can go right now and download the (formerly ten-dollar) Flip4Mac WMP component for free.

OK, maybe shitcanned is too strong a word. WiMP 9 is still available, and for those hapless souls who have already updated QuickTime to version 7.0.4 Flip4Mac will cause a pretty major stability problem: when you close a window displaying a WMV movie (be it in QuickTime, Mail, or Safari) that program will crash. So until one of the software companies implicated in this new bug rushes a fix, caveat emptor.


For the brave and the foolish, Apple has released a QuickTime 7.0.4 → 7.0.1 downgrader, which you can then upgrade to 7.0.3 (required for iTunes 6.0.2 compatibility), putting an end to the Flip4Mac crashtacular.

Of course, 7.0.4 is still required by the rest of the iLife ‘06 suite, so if you plan to upgrade you might just want to wait for a Flip4Mac update and save yourself the hassle.


Flip4Mac 2.0.1 has been released to “address the issues”, as they say.