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Obligatory MWSF 2006 post (minus insightful commentary)

Besides the requisite annual iLife and iWork updates bringing better iPhoto performance in time for everyone to breathe a sigh of relief (since they’ve started pushing the limits of last year’s iPhoto performance boost), there are new Intel Macs! Though certainly not the iBook and Mac Mini updates everyone was predicting, the new dual-core setups are apparently quite the ass-kickers.

The new MacBook Pro and iMac both feature Intel ‘Core Duo’ processors claiming twice to quadruple the performance of the previous generation of Macs.

Besides the processor, the iMac hasn’t really changed at all since the last G5 upgrade, but the MacBook Pro… now there’s something that goes to the top of the wishlist. I’m astounded by the size of the iSight camera in the lid, though I do wonder what value there is in having a FrontRow remote for a laptop. It’s a bloomin’ laptop! You sit on the couch with it! Handily, the remote can also be used for Keynote presentations, though methinks a haxie might be in order to see what else it can be used for.