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There was a period when I thought that the alarm on my phone was dysfunctional. Buggy. Broken.

As it turns out, the alarm works just fine — but I’m largely immune to its effects. This morning, after retiring to bed around 3, I decided that I needed to get up around 9 to prepare for my tute at 12. Alarm is set for 9, I go to bed. 6 hours later that alarm goes off, but after a minute or so of not-really-loud noisemaking the alarm turns itself off. I slept through it because it just isn’t loud enough. Thankyou T68i, I’ve missed my tute.

As much as the prospect of plugging my old red-LED clock-radio (and waking up to its heart-attack-inducing scream) displeases me, I think I’m going to have to take that step. If I can’t trust my phone to wake me up when it’s important that I be woken up, then who can I trust?