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Click on through

At this very moment I am taking a break from increasing my click-through rate, a thoroughly ridiculous game of stamina, perseverance, and stupidity. Somehow, the simple act of looking at my visitor logs led me to
(damn you, whoever ran this site through the Transmogrifier), drawing me into their web of clicking and clicking and clicking.

Right now, my rate is sitting at 99.75430% — an impressive-sounding score until you realize that the record is 99.99938% — and you can tell that there’s hours to go before you beat that score. But trust me, I’ll beat that score if it’s the last thing I do. I have to do it tonight, though, since I’ll be assigned a new IP next time I come online. Soon, the record-holder’s IP (currently will be replaced with my own I guess I should give up now before I waste hours and hours (and hours) of my life, right?

Wish me luck.