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Adjustments of the major variety

All my life I’ve been a night owl; late to rise, late to bed, loathing the cold and the bright of morning. Working a job such as mine doesn’t help, given that I finish around midnight every night, but I’ve made it work for me; all–nighters coding and styling the web away, handling all my business dealings in the short hours between my rise from the bedroom and the close of business, that kind of thing. Given that most of my readership are nerds, pure and simple, I’m sure it’s a problem we’ve all dealt with in our lives.

But this house, this new house, has set the wheels in motion for a catastrophic change.

I’ve never had an easterly–facing window before. Never. In the four houses I’ve lived in before now it’s been south, north, west, and another south… and given my experience I’ve obviously underestimated the sheer power of the sun. My bedroom window here in this new abode faces due east. The curtains are thin, and glow bright yellow in the dazzling morning sun; I’ve been awake before 10AM every day since we moved in. That, my friends, is a shift. Alarms are no longer required — I’m always wide awake before they’re due to go off — and staying awake until the wee hours coding seems like an impossible dream. Things are changing, and I’m not sure they’re for the better, but I guess I can only wait and see.

In other moving–related news, let me assure you that the pencilnecks behind the discovery that moving house is on par (as far as stress levels are concerned) with a death in the family weren’t kidding. There’s no conspiracy to bring the real estate industry to a grinding halt (though that certainly has been happening lately), it really is that fucking stressful. I’m pleased to say, though, that the hard work cleaning our old house paid off; our bond, in its entirety, is on its way back into our hands. That’s despite the numerous chips we put in the walls and quickly puttied over, despite the permanent damage done to cream–colored carpets in bedrooms (who’d’ve thought foot traffic would be so heavy under a computer desk?), and despite the fact that we forgot to dust the venetians before we left. I guess they were so impressed with my work removing scum from the grout of the shower recesses that they decided to just let us have it. And I certainly can’t complain about that.