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What’s on your dock?

Giles Turnbull gives us all a glancing insight into the minds of some of our favorite fellow Mac users by examining what’s on their dock. Jumping on the bandwagon (and in the interests of egomaniacry, of course), here’s what’s on my dock.

15 running applications, 5 other applications, an URL, and the trash

Like Jason’s, my dock is positioned along the bottom edge of the screen. I have to share his sentiments that as a Windows refugee, the bottom edge makes sense; anywhere else seems foreign. The bottom edge becomes even more favorable when you consider the greater space available; most screens are wider than they are tall, meaning the icons don’t suffer from ‘too–damn–small–itis’ when you have a lot of them. My dock is also transparent, thanks to the good folks at Unsanity, but that’s just an aesthetic preference.

At any and all times, I’m running 15 applications (up two applications from just a couple of weeks ago): Finder, Camino, Mail, Proteus, iTunes, iCal, Address Book, System Preferences, Kung–Log, NetNewsWire, Transmit, Speed Download 2, Terminal, Sherlock, and SubEthaEdit. While several of those are probably unnecessary (Address Book, for instance, doesn’t see much use. Likewise, Sherlock is only ever invoked because it saves me from using a browser to visit or Google’s language tools), it keeps me warm at night to think they’re there whenever I need them; at the ready.

The other apps —Project Builder, Interface Builder, iMovie, iPhoto, and Photoshop Elements 2.0— are my ‘occasional use’ applications. They’re also kinda heavy on the memory usage, so they’re not left running indefinitely. Finally, there’s an URL pointing to the latest Camino nightly build, and then there’s the Trash.

Simple as that.