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For crying out loud

Check out the ridiculous hubbub at Matt’s place after a throng of Mac fanatics descended upon him in response to John’s article, riling up the Windows fanatics in the audience. Now examine the dialogs in question:

Windows and Mac “replace” dialogs, such as they are

Now consider some simple truths:

  1. Both could do to word themselves more specifically to the situation at hand: ‘moving’, ‘copying’, and ‘replacing’ are not interchangeable terms to human beings.
  2. The common computer user does not read dialog boxes… and if they do, reading doesn’t guarantee comprehension.
  3. It was foolhardy of Matt to assume that a button labeled ‘Replace’ meant ‘Merge’, even if Windows has conditioned him to believe this is the expected behavior.
  4. Neither default behavior (entire-folder replacement or file-by-file copy-and-replace) is better than the other. Arguing otherwise is a dead end, they are merely different.
  5. Old habits die hard.
  6. It is patently ridiculous that a destructive operation such as this cannot be undone on the Mac.
  7. Zealots on either side of the fence are, at the best of times, underinformed morons who need to check their facts before they hit the comment form.